dx10D. (work in progress)

This is a passion project that I have been working on at a research level for 3 years. Since completing my studies, I’ve used it as a conceptual piece, to show my visualisation skills and quick concept generation. The technology used is close to what is used in other products and the idea has been generated from hundreds of conversations and video reviews of

existing products.


The problem:

  • DJs and producers all want different configurations of interfaces when performing, in the studio and at home.

  • The equipment is often bulky and expensive which can deter new/younger users and creates ‘club standard’ equipment which everyone is compelled to use.

  • Turntablism (a form of DJing) is a fading art form which needs a tactile platter to perform tricks normally performed on v inyl.


The solution:

A modular mixing system - dx10D

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