Fisk Telefon


Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design, Fisk Telefon is a stylistically radical talking point for the home. A thin birch laminate was used as the main material, referencing classic Danish furniture and creating a very light feel to the phone. 

‚ÄčThe handset buttons are covered with fish leather which was sourced from Icelandic company Atlantic Leather. Geothermal water is used to reduce energy in the tanning process making the leather exceptionally sustainable. Viking Runes are embroidered into the leather to create 'speed dial' symbols. The use of runes is the least successful part of the design as they could be hard to remember and possibly be seen as cliche for the intended market.

The unusual material choices and quirky graphics give the user an original and enjoyable telephony experience making the product relevant in the face of a diminishing 'home-phone' market.

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