kMix - Remixed

The brief set by Kenwood was to create a breakfast range aimed at the expressive consumer. As a 'hero' product for the range the kettle was chosen. The rationale for this design was to create a kettle that would stand out visually and anticipate fashion trends. By combining elements of industrial design and artisan techniques, a 'Future Retro' style was created.

The K water meter emotionally engages the owner with their water usage and is a quirky style point. The 45 degree handle gives the user a firm grip and easy pouring and led to the creation of a new logo for Kenwood's own Kmix range. The logo and styling was then transferred to the rest of the breakfast range. This was reminiscent of the music remixing process and led to the concept being presented as 'Kmix Remixed'.

Solidworks CAD program was used to visualise  the final concept.

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