Lofty Valet


“The Lofty Valet is an emotionally durable product which could take pride of place in any bedroom, hallway or hotel room. The design has a subtle zoomorphic quality influenced by the proportions of a Giraffe. There is space to hang a coat or 2 on the head, a tray to place items from the pocket such as keys and mobile phones and a rack at the bottom to hold shoes or a bag. Everything one needs for the next day can be arranged elegantly.” 


This is a concept for a unique furniture design which aims to be at once beautiful, useful and instil an emotional attachment for the user. Solidwool is a new composite material developed by product designer Justin Floyd and has been used here because of it’s natural beauty and ethical message. The rationale for the piece was to develop a functional object which would stand the test of time, therefore minimising environmental impact through product longevity.

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